But I thought I made my own decisions?

Sometimes people make decisions for you.

No matter how much I love him or how much I would sacrifice, I cant change his mind. I am not sure what is worse, an angry break up or a calm slightly one sided one. Either way I am now faced with a decision to make (be positive or be negative). A lot of decisions can be broken down into their basic positive or negative components . I can hate him, love him, be his friend, have nothing to do with him, so many things I could do. This soon in the game I can’t accurately make a decision as to what is best, so really all I can do is try to stay positive till my head clears and all the thoughts fall in place.

Through my many love quarrels, I have learned that rash decisions are never the best ones. Love is a delicate emotion that lives next door to hate. By allowing yourself to love someone you have become extremely vulnerable, and to have that person hurt you even if they mean well, it can cause you to turn to hate as a way to defend your breaking heart. To hate is the easy decision, and the easy decision is not always the best decision. At least thats what I believe.


Give People A Chance

Today I have decided that I should give people a better chance.

I have a horrible habit of forgetting peoples names as soon as I meet them. This could be because I find no value in the conversation with them, I have my mind on other things or perhaps I just dont give people a chance. Even if I am meeting you for the first time, I think I owe it to you and myself to at least remember your name. People come and go and you never know when you will meet them again or how you will benefit from your connection with them, so why not just give people a better chance 🙂

I have made the decision to change this part of me but I still need some advice.

Any advice as to how I can remember names better?

The $20 Hero

While walking through the union of BGSU I looked up to the second floor and saw a man walking up a ramp. I then noticed that he dropped what looked like money. I tried to get to the second floor quickly to save the mans money but the room was flooded with anime characters, considering it was Animarathon. Once I reached the ramp another stranger picked up the money, which I suddenly realized was $20. I told this new stranger that I knew who that money belonged to. The man pulled the money towards him in disbelief. I explained the entire scenario to the man and he eventually handed me the money. I then proceeded to give the money to its rightful owner.

The owner of the cash was very confused, he was completely unaware that he had even lost money but he was happy all the same. I was suddenly smiling cause I had made someones day. The man thanked me and said he would give me part of the money if it wasn’t a $20 bill. I said thank you, and we parted ways. Walking away from the scenario I realized how such a quick decision made a big difference. I could have observed the man dropping something, and just left it at that but instead I decided to investigate and from there I was on a mission.

In todays day and age we make decisions constantly, there is never a day that a decision doesn’t have to be made. So we should practice that ability, and make the best of each decision. I am glad that my quick thinking lead me to become a $20 Hero.