But I thought I made my own decisions?

Sometimes people make decisions for you.

No matter how much I love him or how much I would sacrifice, I cant change his mind. I am not sure what is worse, an angry break up or a calm slightly one sided one. Either way I am now faced with a decision to make (be positive or be negative). A lot of decisions can be broken down into their basic positive or negative components . I can hate him, love him, be his friend, have nothing to do with him, so many things I could do. This soon in the game I can’t accurately make a decision as to what is best, so really all I can do is try to stay positive till my head clears and all the thoughts fall in place.

Through my many love quarrels, I have learned that rash decisions are never the best ones. Love is a delicate emotion that lives next door to hate. By allowing yourself to love someone you have become extremely vulnerable, and to have that person hurt you even if they mean well, it can cause you to turn to hate as a way to defend your breaking heart. To hate is the easy decision, and the easy decision is not always the best decision. At least thats what I believe.


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