Please  Touch is a campaign blog set out to help educate the masses. Everyday people are faced with open ended questions. Questions like…

  • What do others think about me?
  • Which college will help me make the most money for the least amount of money?
  • When is enough , enough?
  • What is love?

These questions can slowly take over our thoughts if not handled correctly. They can force us to make rash decisions and rely on chance, which helps no one. Please Touch is a movement to encourage people to look inside themselves and realize that all the answers they are seeking, they already have. When we discover the power to be decisive, we discover a new found confidence.

This blog is an online database of collections revolving around the encouragement of personal decision making. If you have open ended questions (post them), if you have an experience where a decision you made, made all the difference (post it), if your thoughts, feelings, actions, beliefs, etc make you a minority (post it).


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