TRUST…its a decision

Recently I have been betrayed emotionally

When someone betrays you and asks for your forgiveness, you must decide in that moment, “can I trust this person to not do it again”?

I crazy amount of thoughts suddenly pour into your head….battling back and forth

  • Can I risk being hurt again?
  • How many times has this person proven to care and love me?
  • How many times has this person proven to not care and love me?
  • What if I forgive them and they do it again, will I snap, will I do something regrettable, will it ruin me
  • What if it happens again and I just let it go, and settle for something I don’t want

Communication and Time is the only way…that person must understand what they did, and must be considerate of your sensitive state, and with communication and time, the wounds can be healed.

that is if you decide you want them too!